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Posted by KristenPatin on July 22, 2020
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Adapting To Change

July 22nd, 2020 | Relocation | Real Estate 101 | By Kristen Patin

Adapting to change is not always easy. It can be challenging. There may be uncertainty. And change can bring a mix of emotions and doubts. However, when we embrace change and handle it in a positive light the outcome will ALWAYS be GROWTH.

Home is where the heart is…it’s also where life happens on a daily basics.


Life at home has become our new normal. Our living rooms have turned into office spaces, garages have turned into gyms, parents are learning how to homeschool while remotely working, playdates have been cancelled and the list goes on. Home has become a place where EVERYTHING happens.

These 5 ways are intended to help us THRIVE our stay-at-home world and navigate through all the new changes we face.

1. Stay Connected with Family and Friends 

On a weekly basics make it a priority to call or facetime/zoom your family and friends. Get creative with virtual happy hours, cooking classes, playing games, watching a movie/T.V. show or sharing happy memories together. 

Stay connected with family and friends

2.  Set Aside Time For The Family

Take time out for the family. Have family game nights, go on walks/bike rides, explore parks, go on a picnic, watch movies together, teach cooking classes and make this stay-at-home experience an opportunity for you and your family to grow together.  

Take time for family time

3. Create a Productive Work Environment

Find a space to designate as your new office. Clear the area of clutter and distractions. And have natural light. Make sure your new office space is ergonomic. For more on ergonomics click HERE. Stick to a regular schedule by getting up early, eating a healthy breakfast and getting ready. And most importantly take breaks throughout the day.

working from home

4. Stay Active

Take time out for your health and stay active. Go for runs, bike rides or walks. Simple bodyweight work outs are great for endurance and strengthening. Youtube or google workout videos and take charge of your health.

stay active

5. Keep Calm 

Find 10 minutes in your day to practice mindfulness. Shut off all devices and turn inward. This can be sitting in silence, doing yoga, mediating, making a daily list of what you are grateful for or spending time in nature.

keep calm and carry on

Try making the most of your stay-at-home experience. With all the uncertainty and adjustments of 2020 it’s been a hard transition for ALL of us. And adapting to change is not easy…

Remember…We are ALL in this together!

And with change there will always be GROWTH.

Stay Positive & Safe My Friends!

-Your Louisiana Realtor-

Kristen Patin

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